Blown Speaker in AR Sub

I have the Acoustic Research ARS112PS subwoofer (250 watt amp) and the subwoofer is blown. I am trying to decide if that enclosure/amp is good enough to buy a new 12 and what kind should I buy? Or should I spend about $250 over what just the woofer will cost and buy an HSU STF 10?

The sub will be matched with Dynaudio 50 L/R/C and Dynaudio 42 RS/LS.

If you have any other suggestions I would appreciate it.
Actually I was reading something wrong, the ARS112 has a 120 watt amp.
Careful if you just buy a new 12 in subwoofer, gotta take alot of things in consideration. Gotta make sure the box size is matched for the driver. Many things to consider.

if you can get a SPEC on the driver itself, you can try to find a sub with matching Q, VAS, etc etc. However, even a little deviation in the specs can reproduce unwanted effects

honestly, yer best bet would be to replace it with an identical 12in driver, unfortunatly that probably means you will actually have to send it in for repair.
Are you sure the sub is blown and not the amp? Try replacing the AC fuse in the sub's amplifier first. If that doesn't work I wouldn't put anymore than $50, or thereabouts, into a repair effort. But if the AR can be repaired inexpensively it's a pretty good little sub. I know, because I have two of them.
Try AB Tech Services 17C Airport Drive Hopedale,MA 01747
They are an authorized AR replacement speaker and parts center.