Blown Martin Logan SL-3 woofers

I blew a pair of 10 inch woofers on my SL3. Does anyone know cheap way to repair?
While this is not a total answer I offer this comment. I owned a pair of Acoustat Spectra 11 hybrids (similar to the SL3's) and inquired with my local ML dealer as to the ability to purchase a ML 8" woofer thinking it would be a better quality driver than the older one that I had. He said that ML wants the original driver back before they release a new one to ensure that it will be going into a ML product. I never phoned the factory to confrim this "story" but advise that if your's are damaged you might want to hang onto them in the event they have to be returned for replacement.
I highly recommend High Fidelity Engineering who can be reached at "". I've used them in the recent past and can attest to the quality of their work. They even give online estimates. Very reasonable pricing and proffesional service. Good luck RGD!
The same thing happened to one of my woofers on my old Sequel IIs last year. I e-mailed Martin Logan and was able to purchase a woofer directly for 100+ dollars. It was fairly simple to install as the guys gave me very explicit directions. Follow the instructions to the letter otherwise it is fairly easy to strip the threads on the screws and not seat the woofer correctly.