Blown Linn AV5140 tweeters?

I have Linn Espek speakers in the front, an Ekwal in the center, and Linn AV 5140's for the rear speakers (the older equivalent of the Espek's). I was listening/watching a concert DVD and at the same exact time, both tweeters in the Linn AV5140's stopped working. There is no sound whatsoever coming from the tweeters of my rear speakers. I was listening at high volume but not ridiculous volume. They are being driven by a Linn amp and I have never had any issues like this. Any ideas of what happened or how to fix it?
Yup, it happened to me right before my eyes at the dealers show room. The volume has nothing to do with what happened. Somehow, a short occured in the upstream components ( both went out at the same time so you can x out the idea of a speaker wire short!) Even just for a split second, the connection was either shorted or a spike occured and there goes your tweeters. Hopefully, it was a one time spike and you can just replace the tweeters and be done with it. If it was an upstream problem, You need to be carefull to have it fixed before you replace the tweeters or they could just go again. Time for a high end power conditioner just to be safe.
Thanks for the response. As a follow up, everything is plugged into a Tice Elite power conditioner except the Linn Amp. It is plugged into the wall directly, as several had recommended not running my amp through the Tice.

To experiment, I plugged the Linn Amp into the Tice along with all my source components, and there is a humming noise when doing this. Obviously I discontinued this and re-plugged the amp back into the wall.

Additionally, when I first bought the amp I noticed a humming noise even when plugged directly into the wall. It is a three prong cord where all of my other components are two prong. I was told to buy a 59 cent adaptor to convert the amp to two prong. I did and it eliminated the humming.

So, now my question is, I will buy new tweeters but how do I prevent this from happening again? Buy a separate power conditioner for my amp? Any recommendations?