Blown driver

I left my stereo on for my house keeper while I went to work, bad plan. I came home to a blown driver in my one of my B&W 803s speakers. I ordered one & one just in case. My question is do I replace all four or not. They aren't cheap. The speakers are getting a little age on them & so am I.  My amp is in excellent condition & rated at 375 WPC. I've played them very loud with no problems. Thoughts?
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I agree with Erik_squires.  Sometimes we assume that other's know how to handle themselves around our equipment and that leads to trouble.

I had a home I shared with my significant other.  She had a house keeper come by ever other week.  I specifically told her to tell the house keeper to stay away from my equipment, especially the turn table.  Did she listen?  no.

She tried to dust the turntable.  Took the cover off and guess what?  you know.  Broken cartridge.

vacuumed the speaker drivers huh?  wow.

It could be anything, vacuuming or aggressive dusting could have left something in the voice coil.
Does she wear one of those cute little French maid outfits?

If affirmative, how much did you say you were paying her per hour?
try to find out if she enjoyed playing it loud just of curiosity.
Then you have some of your answer. If vacuuming.....
jetter, you wouldn't want to see her in one of those.

It was about half volume & that's real loud.