Blown driver

I left my stereo on for my house keeper while I went to work, bad plan. I came home to a blown driver in my one of my B&W 803s speakers. I ordered one & one just in case. My question is do I replace all four or not. They aren't cheap. The speakers are getting a little age on them & so am I.  My amp is in excellent condition & rated at 375 WPC. I've played them very loud with no problems. Thoughts?
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Don’t do that again!
Blown like no sound or blown like scrapes and sounds awful? Usually what happens is some combination of the voice coil gets hot enough or the excursions great enough it burns and/or scrapes in the gap, and once this starts if you don't catch it right away, well its not getting any better, it can burn completely or scrape bad enough to stop working altogether. They can be rebuilt just like surrounds can be redone but usually costlier than to replace the whole driver.

The one that's blown is blown. The others may or may not be damaged. Damage usually is something like the voice coil got hot enough to burn some insulation, but not enough to short completely out. Or alignment got off due to high excursion which combined with heat could deform the voice coil. In any of these situations it can rub or scrape and if it does you will hear it. I would play a sweep tone and/or listen to music with a range of pure tones at a good volume level and not replace anything unless something sounds amiss.