Blown Classe CAP-80

My old Classe CAP-80 has borne the brunt of a nearby lightning strike. I took it to a local repair guy, who told me that among the things that were cooked were a couple of 2sk389 transistors, which are no longer available. The rest of the bits that were fried are still readily available, but not these transistors.

So my question is what can I do? Does anyone know of a good source of out-of-print transistors, or of a workaround for them? I haven't had any luck contacting Classe... Don't know if they are even still extant.

Please help!!


The LSK389 which is an improved exact replacement for the 2SK389 can be obtained from Linear Integrated Systems. See the link below. On the webpage click JFET amplifiers/ duals/LSK389. Another alternative is to use closely matched pairs of 2SK170 which are plentiful (Mouser has them). The tech can get a bunch of them and gain match. They are less than a buck a piece in quantities.

How did you try to contact Classé ? I have contacted the factory many times over the years with technical questions and parts inquiries, and have always received a response in 24 hours or less. If you e-mail them at you should get a reply within one business day.


A good tech should have little difficulty locating a replacement for those transistors. Tech should match them and if this is a stereo amp, should replace the transistors in both channels even if only one side is bad.
I totally agree. Both JFet diff amps should be replaced in both channels.
Thanks, you all! I think it's time for a new tech!