blown capacitor in Harbeth speaker - help

I bought a pair of Harbeth HL-PSES-2 off Ebay. That was first mistake lol.

Anyway, after hearing some distortion coming from a speaker when I had some very low notes playing on my system, I decided to take it to a sound engineer. He said the capacitor in the speaker was toast. He said in his opinion I would be better off trying to get my money back than replacing the capacitor. Is his advice accurate or is possible to replace the capacitor and still get a great sound of out them. I really love the sound of my speakers (except for the one speaker which will continue to likely get worse.) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! - thanks!
If it's very hard for sound engineer to replace a capacitor, than I really have doubts about if it really capacitor is blown.

Inspect your woofer cone by first pushing it gently back and fourth and see if you feel any bumps and ensure it moves free(that's what i would suspect to begin with). Than when you remove it from the cabinette (you may require to have either screwdriver, allen wrench or torx bit of an appropriate size) and without desoldering the woofer take a look arround.

Seriously replacing capacitor is PIECE OF CAKE and much easier than trying to get money back.
Woofer cone repair is a-bit more tricky and replacing a woofer may cost you nearly half of one speaker or more.
You say you hear distortion when playing very low notes - those are small speakers and can only take so much. Reverse the speaker position and see if the other one does the same thing. Also, is it only on one recording or does it happen a lot? Sometimes a bass note on a given recording just causes a speaker cabinet to react.

Assuming you determine it's broken, I would contact Fidelis, the Harbeth importer, and ask where you can have the speaker repaired. Fortunately, you don't have the M40s, which are a bit harder to ship. Good luck.
How does one "blow" a cap? Pretty hard to do I think. You would bottom-out and break the V.C. or melt it by overdriving before a modern high end crossover cap would go south. Unless it was defective to begin with. Who would overdrive and break a pair of Harbeths?? These are not L-100's in a teen's bedroom.
E Bay is a BIG joke!!
E, B, M!
Thanks for most of the replies.

I had switched speakers and the same speaker that I had issues with displayed the same distortion. So it was definitely the speaker - not the system, which I had thought might have been the problem at the start.

I spoke to Fidelis today and they believe it's the woofer. They can replace it. Even though they are likely correct, I am going to have one other sound engineer take a look at it before shipping it to them for repair. The cost they are looking for is not that bad and the person who sold me the speakers said she would cover the repair. I just don't want to ship them again if I can have a simple repair.

Thanks for your insights. Will post when I have them sounding new again.