Blown bass driver B&W 805N

The part # is zz11460. I am hoping someone here might have one for sale. The price from B&W has doubled in the past two years. That just rubs me the wrong way.
An how much are they asking for the driver?
Just curious...
Feb 2010 129.00
Aug 2012 225.00
Talk to Bill Legall at Millersound, (215) 412-7700.

He rebuilds drivers to good as new condition at very economical rates.
Trelja......I have followed your posts here for years and am grateful for your suggestion. Hoping for an economical rebuild courtesy of Bill at
I have to admit that I was blissfully happy with the 129.00 price from B&W in 2010. Considering what these speakers cost new, I thought 129.00 was a gift from God in 2010. Considering an almost 100% increase in price 1.5 years later, does not inspire confidence. The B&W rep said we price them according to what we have to pay for the most recent batch.
First, I thought B&W made their own drivers. True or not, I would assume some consistency in pricing. Either way, I am convinced there is no aftermarket equal avavailable. Unless someone here comes up with a deal on a direct replacement,I'm likely to pony up for the real deal.
Disclaimer........this discrepency along with my maturing golden ear have me questioning the whole B&W thing anyway. I recently sold my 800N's in search of the holy grail. Yeah, I am obviously as sick as the rest of you!
*Disclaimer........this discrepency along with my maturing golden ear have me questioning the whole B&W thing anyway."

I owned maybe 5 diff. models of B&W's over the last.....17 years. I always became dis-satisfied & moved on. (The last were a pair of used N805's, & I sold them after 2 months).

I won't go into the dis-satisfaction part w/B&W's, b/c that's not what the thread is about. I wish you luck with the repair, tho.
Baffled, thanks for your insight.

This weekend I went up to Bill Legall's to have a blown driver redone. The previous owner had an issue where almost no volume was coming out of the right speaker. After some troubleshooting, in the end, it looks like the voice coil needs replacement. That's as far into the driver as one can go. What will emerge out of this is the real deal. No need to buy the expensive components of the driver: frame, magnet assembly, binding posts, etc. all over again when it only needs a voice coil.
I did not know the voice coil could be replaced. I'm certain that is what my speaker needs. Thanks for that!