Blowing Magnepans

Has any one experianced blowing out the base panels. I know the tweeters stretch. it seams like the more power you feed them they just absorb it and become more full. if so what did happen? did the mylar stretch or did the wire just come loose from the mylar? (I realize there are fuses but).
If your maggies are 8+ years old, the adhesive has probably broken down. I had to send mine back for repair to both panels. Call them. They are very helpful
This thread turned out far less kinky than anticipated....
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If one of your bass panels quit, it could be a couple of things, panel wire break or crossover component failure.

Delamination of the wires, or a hole in the mylar, won't stop them from playing, but you can sometimes hear the wires rattle against the panel. The older models (you have 3A's correct?) have been known to break wires on the panel from embrittlement (probably enviromental in cause). You should be able to see a big break with a flashlight through the socks (also any delamination). You should also be able to carefully test continuity of the panel wires through the socks.

If the panel wires are OK, you have a problem in the crossover electronics. And there is where I have no understanding.

And yes, all the Maggies bloom with volume. Just how it is.

Jim S.
I just got my 3.6R's back after the wires had come loose from the Mylar panels. I could have repaired myself, but wanted it to be done perfectly, so they repaired them at Magnepan, and replacced both tweeters, they are basically new speakers. I cannot believe how cheaply they did it to be honest with you. Great company, really takes pride in their product.

I have heard of them blowing when under-powered, but I have never heard of Maggies getting "too much" power.
Thank you all for your input. I have not blown them I was just wondering what happens when you do and what it takes to do that with plenty of power.
I guess I would like to see/hear just how they can sound at max just before the end. Would not do that to my own ( I never play louder than 90 db). would like to be there for the test ear plugs in for sure.