Blood Shot Records

Would appreciate an evaluation of the sound quality from those / anyone having recording(s) on the Blood Shot Label.

Thank You
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One of my favorite, sadly defunct, bands The Asylum Street Spankers recorded on Bloodshot, I can't remember which album but it sounded great. I also got a Bloodshot records sampler and thought that everything on it sounded good plus great music.
Thanks jond.  I am considering the last two releases of Lydia Loveless on vinyl. As you know some of the Indy labels SQ are better on Redbook then vinyl. Trying to avoid making the same assumption that all vinyl is created equal and resulting purchasing mistake .
Wow cool name. Something about drug usage culture perhaps :-)
@bradf Gotcha and never heard any of their releases on vinyl so can't help you there.
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They have recorded 84 different artist. Some names and music you may recognize; original (and some current) label for Ryan Adams, The Old 97's, Graham Parker, Justin Townes Earle, Lydia Loveless.


I went to Lydias concert last night at the Douglas Fir Lounge.  They had one of the two LPs for sale,  that I wanted. Bought the one,  cleaned and played it earlier. The quality is not bad for a digital transfer. Good enough to purchase the other LP vinyl I want of hers
very cool bradf glad it worked out and I bet it was a good show, plus you got to support the artist directly which is always cool!
Thanks for the tip on Bloodshot records. I ordered 5 CDs from them and love them all. I hadn't heard of any of the artists when ordering and wasn't expecting to like all of them. Good music that's well recorded. I'll be ordering more. I got The Bottle Rockets, Nico Case, Lydia Loveless, Justin Townes Earle and The Flat Five. Great stuff!
@mac48025 if they have anything from The Asylum Street Spankers I highly recommend checking it out.
Unfortunately here's nothing available by The Asylum Street Spankers ( got to love the name ), jond. I did order another 5 CDs though. 
Is that John Elison's band? 
@mac48025,  Thanks for sharing 

@sbank If you mean the Asylum Street Spankers no they are a now defunct Texas swing band out of Austin.