Blondie Parallel Lines DCC Gold Disc

Ok what do people think of this pressing? Or should I just go for the MFSL version
haven't heard the mfsl but the expanded capitol re-issue is as 'sound' as the dcc.
I still remember seeing Heart of Glassfor the first time...amazing what a disco beat and great video production can do to transform a relatively unknown reggae song into an int'l (UK and US) #1 Hit.
Of course, I might add that Deb Harry definitely has what one would call the undefinable undescribable elusive "It factor"...
she was a pretty good actress too. definitely had 'it'. always dug the 'plastic letters' lp
Anyone else see a resemblance with Blondie and Gwen Stefani? Not just the blonde hair and good looks but their attitude, originality, sex appeal etc., etc. Their respective bands even remind me of each other.
Had not seen her or noticed her music, Gwen Stefani? So how would you compare her with the music that Blondie
Do a search on Utube. She's pretty entertaining.