blocked recipient/eBAY long

I recently bought a piece of tube equipment from a person who refused to give me a telephone number BUT was within 150 miles so I said what the heck, I'll take a drive and pick it up. She insisted on certified payment, no problem. When I sent her email to arrange the pickup, she said that I could pick it up at her husband's workplace (no problem, I appreciate a lady alone in a rural area has trepidations about a stranger's visit) at a mutually convenient time. Ok, no problem (actually this was done with some hemming and hawwing on the seller's part) - I gave her several times, at the last minute she said I can't pick it up next week they'll be away. When I sent email to finalize, this is the message I got.
This Message was undeliverable due to the following reason:

Each of the following recipients was rejected by a remote mail server.
The reasons given by the server are included to help you determine why
each recipient was rejected. (I have edited the name to protect the innocent - just xs.)

Reason: Service unavailable; [204.127.202.xx] blocked using, reason: Bible thumper

Please reply to
if you feel this message to be in error.
I have sent this to my Postmaster for clarification and also looked at the spam blocker website.


1. Has anyone else had this problem with a buyer or seller on eBAY or elsewhere?
2. How did you proceed?
3. I am about to notify eBAY that I consider the offer to buy null and void - I am no longer comfortable with this transaction. I think that this is reasonable, what do you think?

NB - I consider all replies as opinions only - I have a free will and will act accordingly. I hold neither A'gon or its members responsible for any actions I choose to take!


I am thinking about asking eBAY to remove me from their membership list. Do you think that this is a wise move? Any deleterious ramifications? (same NB applies!)
You answered your question really-since you no longer feel comfortable then by all means follow your instincts.

As for staying with ebay, that's a personal choice. I've been a member for 3 years & transactions run the gamut. Here on A-gon every transaction has been great much but you still have to do a little research when buying & selling.

To further comment on your pending transaction if a seller (or buyer for that matter) refused to give me a phone # I would consider that strange & not go through with the deal. It's almost a necessity when doing an audio deal to get a "feel" for the other party & the phone call is a definite determining factor. Again, since you said you feel uncomfortable this is an indication of intuition telling you to beware. Lots of deals to had in the audio world so if at first you don't succeed....
Trust your instincts, that's why you have aquired them.
I have been having the same problem. From my experience ATT has added a new relay blocking system/spam filter (they got hacked by leaving a mail server open) and were blocked and are doing this to fix it) or they have something configured wrong. Try sending another mail message in the next day or two.
I'm not sure the problem is eBay. I have tried to sent mail from my office to home and my internet provider's server sometimes thinks my work server is a spam sender and it gets bounced back with a message.
I politely informed the seller I was no longer comfortable with the transaction and that she should sell the unit to the next highest bidder. I wished her good luck. (Afterwards I received a note stating that I refused to take or return phone calls. The only indication I have of phone calls is a log of received calls, without a message, from a restricted number, well after I had sent the note.)

How should I proceed with eBAY at this point? Should I notify them of my stated intention not to proceed? What is protocol here - I am a relative eBAY novice.
1. Document everything. Preferrably as it happens on a calender or PDA. This is your proof of sincerety in the transaction.

2. Don't get in a negative feedback war. If she posts neg feedback, don't post neg feedback to her. Just rationally explain to all others (in the short box they give you to reply to feedback) "I cancelled my bid because she was unresponsive after xx tries." or something to that effect.

Negative feedback and temporary suspension from e-Bay is the extent of the worst that will happen to you. (Go to e-Bay Help and query on "non-bidding" for more info). The seller can sell to #2 or recoup her fees through the e-Bay non-paying bidder policy.