Blindfold test

Has anyone ever done a blind fold test???
It would be interesting to see (that is Hear) if anyone has done this. I have done them in the past with electronics with great results. When I narrowed down my electronics the sound was the sell and not the "brand/look/expense. I have noticed that I will naturally go to the more expensive because $$ should mean better. It would be interesting to find out if after all the blindfold tests that Zip ocrd would win (joke....maybe). Remember the blindfold beer taste tests?? I did this with a group of friends and the better beer was not the most expensive or european. It turned out to be Yengling a mid state Penna beer. Who'd a thunk.
Comments welcome.
I can drink just as much beer blindfolded/or not blindfolded.I can also listen to just as much music /with or without.There are several recent"BF" threads that are funny as all getout. But,I can't read any of them blindfolded.
I think that there are plenty of guys around here that care more about testing while blind, than they do just enjoying the music. Many also seem quite interested in NOT hearing differences, while "blind". Just my opinion. I've found that it's more important to learn to be happy with your system as is, than to constantly try to "improve" it. Actually improving performance, in the areas you want, is very hard and time consuming. It will drain your savings account dry, too.

It's much better to enjoy what you have. A friend of mine was driving himself crazy for a while. He'd be elated one night, and frustrated the next, all because some recordings would sound terrific to him, while others would make him think something was wrong with the sound. It frustrated me too, because nothing I said seemed to make any difference.

I mean, I go through periods where I feel like, if I could just buy so and so, the sound might be better in some way. Then I audition it, and it doesn't get better, it just gets different. It even usually gets worse, overall. This hobby can be a serious thing, an obsession. There's an old saying from the Good Book, "all things in moderation".

It's a shame that this hobby flys in the face of such an ideal. Sometimes, you have to take stock, I guess.
Krycek, I have to disagree with your general premise. For many people, the hobby IS improving your system. It is often also about excess. MANY people here pay more for their speaker cables than most do for their main system and big-screen TV combined. I'm not saying it has to be that way or that it can not be enjoyable if it is not. However, if those cables make me enjoy my system more and I can afford them, then the expense is justified.

I respect how you feel about this hobby, but to tell someone else to just be happy with their current system may be poor advice. So what if it is "hard and time consuming"? So is running marathons, basketball, painting, gardening, woodworking, car racing, bull fighting, etc. This is a hobby. Should all of these hobbies be abandoned so we can sit and listen to mediocre sound reproduction?

Although extending this to high end audio may be a little grandiose, most of the improvements in society are made by euroe who obsess about what appear to others to be very small details.
Don't know where "euroe" came from. It should say "those". Ethnic-Freudian slip maybe?
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