Blinded by the Lights

Ouuu ouch ouuuu aaahh ouch. Everytime I listen in the dark and open my eyes the lights on my Cary 303/200 blind me. It reaks having to hang a cd cover over the lights but...
Can these be switched out or better yet can a resistor be wired over them to lower the brightness and maintain the colour?
I've been eliminating or switching off these lamps for years. The only thing I like glowing in my system is the tubes! Try either wiring-in a small resistor (experiment with value) or disconnecting the lamp altogether. Alternately, you could wire a switch into the circuit but I doubt you'd ever switch it on once you see how nice it is listening without. I think you'll find your soundstage will "grow" in depth and width once you eliminate this distraction.

Good luck!
A non-electrical solution.
Any easy trick is to cover the bright lights with exposed photo film negative or other dark sheet of plastic. Cut the film to the right size to cover the offending light and affix it over the light with DOUBLE SIDED Scotch Magic tape. Does the job, even looks good, easily reversible, and, catch this, you can vary the brightess of the light by using a darker or lighter film or, if you use different colored negatives, you can even change the color of the light! Cheap, easy and does the job.
thanks ill give those a try. Anyone have idea on what size resistors to start out at?
I agree the Carys are bright. I don't know why so many do that. I dabbed a speck of black Sharpie on a couple of my components' LEDs and it works like a charm! Can't even tell - it just looks dimmer and only takes 1.5 seconds. Arthur