Blind squirrels and such-Ncore 400

Prior to a couple months ago, I had never read an electronics schematic and didn't know a transistor from a transformer. Nor had I ever soldered. This weekend a pair of Ncore 400 blocs were successfully cobbled together despite the limitations noted. Youtube and DIY to the rescue. Solders are probably ugly-I don't see well enough to know, but it works. Big sound. More extension on both ends, controls the bottom, nice inner detail. A little phasey sounding right now with vocalists in particular being a vague with respect to location. Will see what happens as they settle in. Point? If you've been thinking about taking this project on-go for it! If a visually limited old geezer can figure these out, almost anyone can.
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Helps to pay attention to speaker cable polarity. Once corrected, the image location locked in. I'm smiling.
You certainly started your DIY career with a nice amp, congratulations! No matter how good (or not) your eyes are, in this hobby a lighted magnifier is a handy tool.

Good for you!I've often thought of trying my hand at building a tube amp.Might just go for it when I get the time:)
well, whad-da-ya know, the blind squirrel found a nut!! ;-)
congrats on building the amp & not being daunted by never having done this sort of thing before....
wish many others picked up a soldering iron with the same disregard to past experience.....
You will have to wait hundreds of hours before you hear what these amps can do. I was very happy with the detail, soundstage, drive, etc. early on, but the warmth and emotion didn't show up for a loooooong time. Be patient. You will be rewarded.

You might want to take a closer look at your solder joints just to make sure you don't have problems around the corner.
Thanks one and all. You've collectively got me thinking I should get a lighted glass and upgraded parts-at least a power cable connector that has not ever been partially melted-and have another go at it. Then sit back and enjoy while they get better and better.

My better has been away since the day I finished the amps. Thank goodness it's chilly here at night so everyone should have their windows shut. I find them enjoyable enough at low volume but they shine more brightly when flexing a little muscle. Chair dancing. Four really late nights. I forgot to set the alarm early this morning and woke up a little later an hour from work a half hour before work. She's home. It's quiet. Probably just in time.
Well I went ahead and rebuilt them. I used a lighted magnifying glass and better bits and parts. Still can't solder worth a darn but it works.  I am imagining that I hear a little bit smoother response. Could be just that, my imagination. Next step, off they go to Ric Schultz at EVS for his magic.