Blind Person Needs a New FM Receiver

I need advice. My grandfather is 85 years old, is blind, and needs a new FM receiver, but can't find something that meets his special needs. His old FM receiver, a Yamaha KR 1000, finally bit the dust. He is looking for a new self contained integrated unit that he can examine, if possible, that has the following features: high definition FM tuner, CDP, push button controls - no LCD because he can't see the display, amp and pre-amp in the same unit of course.

Your advice is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks.
I hate to use the "B" word.... since he's blind, just don't tell him it's a BOSE! Kidding. He could learn the remote, as long as it doesn't get "misplaced". Very simple and the remote would have station presets, I'd imagine. Good luck
I know.. "he's blind, not deaf"! Sorry, one moment after posting I realized my full thoughts weren't down. My suggestion was mainly for convenience and ease of use. I don't know the man and his tastes. Again, good luck
The HK stuff is nice and reasonably priced:

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Audionote? CD/FMtuner/records to usb sticks/ pushbuttons, and remote/ also headphone out. Happy Listening,
Why not get the Yamaha repaired? Especially since he is very familiar with it.
The Sony HD fm tunner is good because once you program the stations in for him, he can just use the remote and turn it on and off and change the pre selects with the remote.
I listen in the dark and chnge stations all the time.
The tunner is only $70 from amazon with free shipping.
The model is XDR-F1hd. It really sounds good too.
It may be a little pricey for your grandfather, but the Sunfire Ultimate receiver has automatic input switching and a dial to scroll through inputs.

It might be easier for him to use
I'm sorry about my last post here. Your looking for a receiver and I suggested a tuner.
My bad.
What about the music hall trio?
I can't help you with a tuner suggestion, but I can say how nice it is that you and your 85 year old grandfather are able to share an interest in listening to music. Here's to many more years of happy listening for both of you.
I like my trio, however not for a blind person. The remote is impossible to use in the dark because all of the buttons are identical. You have to use the remote for certain functions as well.
Have you looked at the NAD or Rotel. It could be a dvd receiver, couln't it?
The little denon units work well too. I put one in an elderly friends house and she was quite pleased with how simple it was.
Restarting this thread. I would still appreciate any suggestions. My Grandfather is still looking. Thanks
GEt the old Yamaha repaired, if possible. Its great stuff and your grandfather is likely very acclimated to it

Or search vintage audio on teh internet and you will find vendors specializing in vintage audio that may offer something similar for reasonable cost and with a limited warranty.
The NAD Viso models include a CD/DVD player (per your OP - I think), is well made and deeply discounted by NAD remotes are well laid out and the stuff usually sounds pretty good, too.

Good Luck.

I agree with the guys, if your grandpa likes the yamaha. Then get it repaired.