Blind or Just Deaf?

Does anyone following these forums actually insist
on doing a "Blind" listening test before laying out
several thousand on a new piece?

Or is a little Herb wax all you need to slip into something comfortable?

I do not necessarily mean in your own listening room
as that is difficult to do. If you have to bring your own
Amp or speaker to a retailer then you have done what can be done.
Or you may be comparing two items you do not own.

Finally, would you pay $ for a blind comparative listening session
at a properly set up facility?

I have an idea I think may be a good one.
Not from Dwight either.


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I’ve heard a lot about the Kenjit way, please, tell me more 😑

So what gear did you buy after the test?

Booze hounds- If an alternative had been available
would you have used it? i.e. a blind listening comparison.
A blind listening test does not tell the whole story just part of it . Extended listening sessiones can give you much more information on the differences between audio equipment . 

That is the reason why on blind listening test where there is switching between A and B , differences are not all that audible giving results that statiscally are not relevant but do the same test on my equipment which I have heard extensively over months I can identify with a almost 100% certainty what is being played be it IC , speaker cable or what ever I have in my system at that particular moment . And its not that I have golden ears but rather I have climatized my ears to a certain equipment sonic tapestry . Case in point I have 3 different types of interconnects for my system and I switch between them playing around with them in order to get different sonic results . They are JPS Labs , Cardas 5C and DNM Reson . Using the source as where to change the IC ( I've learn that 85% of the sonic signature of a particular cable is recognizable when the IC is placed at the source ) you can change the IC without me knowing which and I can tell you which IC you have placed with 100% positive results , even with bad recordings .

Double Blind listening test have their place and analizing the result correctly can give you alot of info but to say just because you could not pickup differences in a double Blind test does not mean there aren't differences .
Chorus -- I can't remember the exact speakers that were in the comparo where I wound up buying my current Nola Boxers, but I believe they were the equivalent-sized B&Ws, or perhaps a pair of Rogers.  I've never had a megawatt stereo system or a large room to play them in, and I've loved Brit monitors ever since I got a pair of KEF Corellis, who knows when.  For the speaker comparison I also dragged in the pair of speakers I had the time, Celestion SL600's.   As for the amp comparo (which happened some time later), I brought in my Primaluna Prologue integrated to face off against a Lyngdorf room-correcting integrated.  I'd bought my Boxers at the place where I did the amp audition and they still had a pair, so I didn't have to bring them, as well.  I preferred the Primaluna.  For all its high-tech wizardry, the Lyngdorf didn't throw that much better of a soundstage, and the sound felt a hair hyped up and artificial.  Even the salesman agreed that the Primaluna sounded better.

So yeah, these may not have been strictly kosher double-blind situations but I had the money burning a hole in my pocket when I went to the stores, and I didn't have a hair of emotional prejudice. 
Well there are alot of people  who don't  believe it even they are proved  wrong .Why do they ?