bldg system starting with Gallo Ref 3.1

I'm putting together a system since I recently acquired a pair of these. For now, my main concern is playing cd's. Playing mp3s from my IPOD would be a big plus. My budget is very limited at the moment and I honestly don't know what I'm doing. I wanted to get the Shanling MC-30. I figured it would be a great all in one solution, but was advised that it won't work well with the Gallos :(. So, if that doesn't work, what's my best bet? I know you guys aren't fond of receivers but it seems easiest to get a decent one and a decent cd player. Or should I get an amp and a cd player. You can tell I don't know what I'm doing. In the past, someone always put my system together for me AND I had alot more $$ to spend than I do now. Sooooooo HELP !

N.B. I list mainly to classical, r&b, and classic rock.
You could look at Arcam or Music Hall or B&K for high end receivers that will push them nicely. None have an ipod dock but all you need is a simple adapter to the ipod headphone jack. Keep in mind that you aren't doing the system justice if you are using mp3 quality. You would need to go "lossless" which takes up a lot more space on the ipod.
Why not start inexpensively with a receiver, it can always be upgraded. If you never intend to use the radio then maybe an integrated amp might be a simpler way to start.
A CD player and your set, the way forward can be as intricate and or complicated and or expenseive as you seek. For now this should do.
Get a used Mcintosh 4100 receiver and an inexpensive CD player. The 3.1's kick ass, so you do not need to spend a lot of money till you're ready. Good luck
thanks, guys....

gives me something to work with. This can really be very overwhelming.
I use a Pioneer Elite VSX-94TXH receiver with my Gallo's and I couldn't be happier. The audio is quite remarkable for a mid-level receiver. I can also upgrade with an external amp if I choose to sometime in the future. This receiver also has a port for an Ipod. Good solid receiver for the Gallo's IMHO.
I'm running my Gallo Ref 3.1s with Harman/Kardon separates - Signature 2.0 and Signature 2.1 The Gallos LOVE this setup, they really respond well to high-current amplifiers and the H/K has oodles of current (+- 100 amps!).

I bought both pieces used here on Audiogon and I spent less than $900 for the pair. Keep in mind, this is a 5 channel, 150 wpc amp. I could have substituted a 2 channel amp and probably saved another $100-200. But I have a surround-sound system so....

Look for a receiver or amp that has lots of current and you'll probably be quite happy.