Bladelius Ymer power amp - any experiences..???

Being interested in purchasing of the Bladelius Ymer... Big power amp, krell-like apearance, 300Wpc, 2x2000VA, looks pretty impessive...

Anyone auditioned/own behemont..???
This amplifier is so powerfull, transparant and musical which I didn't hear before. It drives my difficult Marten Coltranes without problems. Most big amplifiers with such power are not so intimate, but not the Ymer! For me this is a keeper.
Thanx Mu6 for resurecting this topic after more than a year... Meanwhile I became owner of Krell Evo 400 pair of monoblocks, so the Bladelius Ymer is not longer a subject of active inquiery for me. Nevertheless, it could be great to know something more about this undoubtedly very intriguing power amp.
Hi I've read in a thread that you contributed to that you heard the Bladelius Ymer up against a Rowland 625, could you please tell me a bit more about what you heard and how you rate the amp against the Krell evo ?
Im asking as I have the chance to buy a Ymer / Saga combo at a heavily discounted price my other option is a pair of Krell Evo600s.
Many thanks Neil
Hi Neil,

Given big price difference (in terms of brand new purchase, Ymer + Saga combo should costs approx. as one single block Evo-600), I'd say Bladelius may be the smarter choice... assuming you're not a cost-no-object boat saylor...

It depends on speakers and room size as well. BTW, Krell Evos will demand appropriate level of preamp, which would likely rise the price difference up to 3:1. Too much...

BTW, it also depends on your destination. For Europian buyers nowadays (weak euro, at 1,21 or so), Krell is even more costly. In USA, things may look better for Krell option.
Would anyone here have compared the Viola Cadenza/Symphony with the Bladelius Saga/Ymer?
Hi many thanks for speedy reply I have bought the Bladelius Saga pre amp and Ymer power amp it was just to good a deal to miss at 45% of retail price it's ex demo and in mint condition.

Best regards Neil
Great! Congratulations Neil, this sounds like a no-brainer purchase... Saga plus Ymer for, I guess, well below 10000Eu.

It could be great if you share with us some impressions soundwise.

Thanx in advance