Bladelius Gondul anyone heard this player?


I'm wondering if any of the members on this forum have heard the Gondul by Bladeius design?, its a Multi-Format Player CD/SACD/DVD-A/DVD-Video.

The list price of the player is close to US$15,000, also if possible how does it compare to the APL-Hifi 3910 which I would love to have but sadly the designer Alex never got back to me.

It would be nice if someone could give me feedback about it.


take a one needs a 15k front one.
Jay, when did 'need' enter into the equation?
>take a one needs a 15k front one.<

Who are you to say what one needs and doesn't need? Who needs a 50K car? Who needs a 500K house? Who needs a 25K motorcycle???? I could go on and on with this one......

Bottom line is that someone will always have a hobby/interest that they spend more money on than YOU think they should. So what? It's their money and their life, get over it and yourself.

Maybe but still I would like to know if anyones heard it.
geeze what was i thinking. if you hear good things about it, run out and buy it.
Hi Fi Choice put it in their recommended system last month. They really, really like it. It is designed by the brilliant Michael Bladelius who got his start working for Threshold designing the groundbreaking Forte 4A. From there he went on to penning several excellent pieces for Primare, as well as doing contract work. The piece is hand crafted and it is hard to put a price on that. Many will pay extra for a Lamm amp or a piece from Scott Franklands Wavestream Kinetics, or many other marques that represent the best thinking and hand craftsmanship by a genius. After all that's what distinguishes a Van Gogh from a Thomas Kinkaide.
If I'm not mistaken it was run in the Purist Audio room at CES last year with eben loudspeakers. If I am right it sounded quite good though shows are always hard to really tell what gear sounded like. Drop me a note if you want to know more about it and I will rack my feeble brain

I would like to know how this player [Bladelius Gondul 3] stacks up against the APL Hi-Fi's modified Denon 3910 ?

Has anyone done the comparison ?

I am aware that the price points are not right.

15 K US $'s & 5 K US $'s but I would be interested in knowing the sonic attributes of each & also please do try and let me know the rest of the gear that was used in the chain while auditioning / testing both these products !!!


Ozzy62, a house for $500K...sadly, in some areas of the country, those $500k homes are considered ENTRY LEVEL :-)
Ozzy I want a 500k house. In fact, round it out to a $1m:^).
For the rest, I'll settle for a 10k car, a bicycle, and few thousand music items. In fact I already HAVE the car, the bicycle, the music (never enough of that). It's the house that evades me ;) Cheers
>Ozzy62, a house for $500K...sadly, in some areas of the country, those $500k homes are considered ENTRY LEVEL :-)<

Alas, you are right. Just glad I don't reside in that part of the country.....

I have the Gondul/3 ( in my system. Stunningly good sounding multiformat player. Unfortunately I´ve not heard the modified Denon so I can not comment. And yes, Jim Aud is using the Gondul/3.
Thanks for replies guys.


I would like to know what other players did you compare it to? does the player have a charecter or is a very neutral sounding player?



I compared it to the ARC CD3 MKII and the top-of-the-line Meridian. I would describe it as very neutral.
Hasse, 'very neutral' is how I would describe the 808 (or were you referring to the 800?). Did you have the Meridian in your chain and, if so, what is the rest of your system? I gave a good listen to the 808 prior to acquiring my Capitole and felt it was much more forward than the AA, so I'm wondering how the Gondul might sound in my system based on your reaction to the Meridian.