Blade 2, Sabrina, Fact 12, Sopra 2 or Scala ?

Having had my NAD C370/Canton Ergo RC-L for two decades, im now up for a very exciting and an serious upgrade. The Ergo is true full range, but a bit sharp in the treble, the combination gives a warm, intimate sound (a bit small soundscape, midrange with drawn, details ok), and by the way my Audeze LCD-2.2 with Burson Conductor Virtuoso sounds amazing to me.

Have spent quite some time auditioning speakers in different sizes, price ranges, brands, both here in Stockholm and last few years i was living in Singapore (Adelphi is a 6 story shopping mall with audio and high end only stores - go there if you get the chance!! ), ive made the following shortlist.

- Focal Sopra no 2 or 3
- Focal Scala Utopia v2
- PMC Fact 12
- Raidho C-2.1
- Kef Blade 2
- Wilson Audio Sabrina

i listen to Drum´n´Bass, EDM, Compressed Pop, Contemporary and classical jazz, some blues, opera and classical and modern and old fart rock. No LPs or CDs, only FLAC and lossless streaming.

Music and how the artform and the artists having created the music (-art piece) - moves me, affects me emotionally either by the fun and joy it creates or just being touched. I want the system to communicate feelings rather than presenting facts. Music and musicians play for me in the room, things should feel they happen in the room (in contrast to feeling transported into the recording, to another place) Slight warmth and very slight forgiving preferred to perfect neutrality.
Electronics? my NAD M51 and the Mac Mini + Amarra will stick for a few years but i intend to buy ML, Pass Labs, MBL, Boulder, Burmester, Bryston, Plinius (also preferably demo or preowned) depending on which speaker i choose.

Live in Stockholm and will buy in europe, either new, demo or pre owned (thus the huge price range from PMC fact 12 to Scala Utopia 2 for example).
havent had the chance to try any of them in my 5,5x4.2 room (23sqm) with 3.1 ceiling, will move in a year or two and expect 25 - 40 sqm livingroom or livingroom+kitchen in the new place)

Have listened to most besides Kef Blade 2 (heard Reference 1 and 3 though), and Raidho only the XT2.
The others ive listened to in different rooms, with different electronics (often weeks or months apart .... )

Anything ive missed and should include?
Any recommendations or suggestions how the speakers compare, and in home conditions and after owning them for a while etc? Any recomendations on matching with electronics etc. is awesome for second hand by the way!

thanks in advance, anny comments, suggestions or feedback apreciated !


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Out here in Southern California I have had the opportunity to hear most of the speakers you have listed. I liked the Focal quite a bit but the best of the bunch for me was the Blades. I have not heard the Blade2 (only the big brother) but it looks like this maybe the best option for a normal sized room. I am going to go out and hear the Paradigm Persona 9H before my next speaker purchase. I will do this in Toronto in a few months since it is very hard to locate a dealer in my area with the 9H. It will take a lot to make me change my mind from buying the Blades.

I went to hear the KEF Reference 1 and 5 a few years ago because I loved the Blades so much. I was not as impressed with these speakers as the Blades. The way the Blades present the sound seems so realistic to my ears. The KEF reference line seemed more like normal speakers. Similar in sound presentation to many of the speakers you have listed.