Blacknote CD500 CD player

Has anyone auditioned a new Blacknote CD500 CD player? Any opinions?
By whom, is there a Blacknote audio? Can't find it, only a CD 500 from Carey.
The company's name is Blue Note (Italy). Blacknote is its product line launched several years ago.
I believe the company is now called Goldenote. Try finding it here:
The Goldenote division produces skeleton-looking Stibbert players (tube and non-tube) and more common Koala players, and Blacknote is something different.
Kops: No need for me to explore it further (see my other thread - rattling sound; the problem is cured). I used to audition their previous model (CDP 300) at home but did not buy it. Good but nothing special, poor transport...
The newest Stibbert is far from mediocre. It's a great sounding CDP.