Blackgate mod for the Superphon Revelation Basic?

Does anyone know how to do the Blackgate cap mod on the Superphon Revelation Basic, (the one with the 2 volume pots) and where to get the materials?
I understand you only have to renew 2 caps, so I thought I would attempt it myself. Thanks for any and all information.
Ron Beaudry


use 10k/5W wire-wound resistors with isolated alligator clips connected to the capacitor electrodes

Renewing just 2 caps might not be worth the time invested v.s. the sound. E-mail Michael Percy(from that might advise you for the better upgrade path.
Why not contact Stan Warren and see what he says ? He built / designed the unit and would know better than anyone if it was worthwhile to do. Since he is typically a BIG fan of Black Gates ( as are everyone that i know that have tried them ), he might be able to help you along or at least offer suggestions. He might even be able to sell you the exact parts that you need. Sean
Yes, ask Stan Warren at 541-344-3696
He lives in Oregon. Best to try between 4pm and 7pm pacific time.
Finally after all this time, I just purchased ELNA SILMIC II 50V 100 UF radial caps and 4 VISHAY 40V 1000 uf axial caps.

Stan now suggests the Panasonic FM caps. The SILMIC II were judged better than either the Panasonic or the Blackgate caps @ Comparing electrolytic capacitors - May 2008 at high end audio by Eric Juaneda, and form other things I have read on the net, the SILMIC II seems like a great choice.

I got the VISHAY 40V 1000 uf axial caps because this is about the only axial cap I could find that was the right size peroid, they go on the power supply side so just replacing them because of age at Stans suggestion.

I also just purchased 2, 10k mono 24 stepped Attenuators to replace the volume pots. I got them cheap out of Hong Kong, off ebay

I also have some solid silver hook up wire that i will use to replace some of the more important internal wires.

I was thinking about by-passing the mute switch entirely, Just go directly from the Audio board to the line out jack.
still pondering this idea, any suggestions?

I am also replacing the 2, diode bridges with 6A 6 Amp 600V Bridge Rectifier GBPC606, Manufacturer: General Semiconductor

this will enable me to change the transformer.
I contacted fellow Agoner Thistlehd he has to date modded 3 Superphon Revelation Basics and was very helpful, he told me Stan says up to about a 220va transformer. (single is better than one for each channel)
AN2225 25v 200va 4.5”x2.3” Antek transformer is what Thistlehd used. he says its a Very nice upgrade, so thats the one I purchased.
also got some new RCA input jacks from

prob going to be doing the mod just after New years so I will report back when done
Finished the mod in Jan. I also added a iec plug to the back of the pre to allow a better power cord.

The caps take a long time to finally break in. The Superphon has been getting better and better ever since, and now this little gem is so much better its not the same pre at all.

I hear more music!!

First you notice so much more energy, drive, impact, dynamics, bottom end has much more weight. You notice cymbals sound more real, you hear more of the cymbal you can hear the bronze if you will.
I hear more skin on drums you really notice the difference between what drums are being struck, and they just sound more real, sound right

another area that stands out is definition between instruments,on horns I now hear 2 Trumpets and a Trombone not just horns, and on many recordings when I thought only one person was singing, I now hear two distinct voices, wow.

I also now hear more of the hall space its hard to describe but like more echo for instance.

it goes with out saying but low level detail is much increased.

The balance with the new stepped volume control its bang on.
so much that I kept noticing that the right speaker seamed weaker and finally realized that my anti skate was set a little to low. when i set it correctly man what difference.
That's how much more info I am hearing.

With the stock volume control my volume was set at 9.30 and was very sensitive, hard to set and get the balance right.
I was always fussing with it and I did not like to change the volume for this reason.
Now the volume goes up to 7.00 and I have it set at 2.30. Changing the volume is a snap, just a click up or down balance is perfect.

I first purchased stepped volume controls with blue non dale resistors off eBay, out of china for 25.00 with shipping. The right volume had to steps that were wide open so instead of fighting over 10 bucks I just ordered the dale resistored ones off eBay instead for 25.00 with shipping, I noticed a big difference right away. much better.

I am not using the phono section in the superphon I am using a Lehman black cube, but I now feel the need to purchase something better to really hear what this pre can do. I will update when I make the change. Thinking of the Jasmine phono because I can mod it lol.

In conclusion if you own a Superphon revelation basic you need to do this mod. first the caps need replacing because they loose ESR over time and just don't work as well as they need to, also caps are much better today.

This mod take this pre and puts in in another zip code, with the price of HI FI today who knows how much one would have to spend to get this level of fidelity. I only know i am happy as a lark and no longer feel and need to up grade my pre.
This question is a little technical. How did you connect the blue and green 25volt wires of the Antek transformer to the power cord going to the preamp? Thanks