Blackbird / SME

Hi all,
will a Sumiko Blackbird fit an SME 3009 improved ( non detach ) ? It is on a Thorens TD 125 mk II . Goes to a Manley Stingray through a Lounge Audio LCR. Thanks.

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It should be fine. The 3009 arms have a range from 6.5 to 12 grams. Find out the mass of that arm and do the math!
Go on Amazon and search for Technics Head shell weight. One should do it. If your resonance frequency winds up too low you can shave parts of the weight off with a Dremel tool to get it right 8-10 Hz. get the Hi FI News test record.
The 3009 improved with non detachable headshell has an effective mass of 6.5 grams and composite knife edge vertical bearing. IMHO, I would not go there. And it has more to do with the secondary resonances and bearing integrity than with the primary arm/cartridge resonance.
Viridian, the effective mass of the detachable head shell version is 12.5 gms. This version is 9.5 grams not 6.5. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that vertical bearing it is just expensive to make. Every arm has some "secondary" resonances the better tonearms are usually well dampened as I am sure the SME is. The Blackbird has a compliance of 12 X 10 -6 cm/dyn which is on the lowish side. This arm is a little light for this cartridge. The detachable shell version would have been a better match but that can be fixed with a little added weight and a test record.
MI, I didn’t think that I would have to make a citation but below is the link to Analogue Classics. Scroll down the page to the chart with the various arms and their effective mass. The improved arm without detachable headshell is clearly 6.5 grams effective mass. These are measured figures, contrary to those provided by the SME literature which are not borne out by testing:

The Improved S2 being the removable headshell version and the Improved Series 2 being the fixed headshell version.

I never said there was anything “wrong” with a knife edge bearing for the vertical plane. But now that you bring it up. IMHO, they chatter with low compliance cartridges. That it my opinion, based on experience with the SME arms garnered over 40 years. Enjoy yours.

As far as secondary resonances goes, I have both an unimproved arm with removable headshell and a couple of unimproved arms, also with removable headshells. They ring like a bell when struck with a pencil eraser. To me this indicates secondary, undamped, resonances. I would speculate that the non removable headshell version would be worse as it lacks the compliance between tonearm and headshell conferred buy the rubber washer. Lower compliance cartridges put more energy back into the arm and will aggravate any resonant behavior. To you it may indicate otherwise. We are all entitled to our opinions.

As I said, I do not think that primary resonance is a concern, as weight can be added at the headshell, but of course, this only increases any bending modes within the light, minimally damped, tonearm.