Black Sand Silver ref v Audio Magic

Hi, I am looking to upgrade some of my power cords and was wondering if anyone has compared the Black Sand Silver ref power cord and Violet Z1 cord with any of the models in the Audio Magic range please? I am currently using an Audio Magic Eclipse Power conditioner, connected to the wall and to my power amps with the BS Silver ref cords and connected to my Transport and dac with the Violet Z1 cords.

I am happy with the detail and soundstage from my current set-up, but want to obtain a more fuller, warmer sound.
I saw your post some time ago, and now notice the re-post. I have never heard the Audio Magic pcs, but I'm presently running a Black Sand Silver Ref Mk.V with Wattgate Silver connections on my preamp. I have used various pcs over the years, some were warmer, some less warm than the Black Sand. I would say it is slightly cooler than neutral with the Wattgate Silvers, with other Wattgates or certain Oyaides it would likely be warmer. I added the Black Sand recently in order to add some sparkle and detail on top, it does exactly that without thinning out the sound in the remaining frequency spectrum.
I would suggest trying some VH Audio AirSines, I use these in some locations, do exactly what you're looking for, full, warm and spacious. I notice these cords usually sell in minutes, apparently many agree these do a nice job.
Thanks for that Sns. Funnily enough, until recently I did have an Airsine and whilst it seemed warmer, the Black Sand Violet had a better low end response. Whether that was because the Airsine was fitted with Gold Oyaides I don't know. However, having two violets on my transport and separate dac/preamp was a bit too much in your face. In the end, I replaced the Airsine from the pre/dac with an old Audio Magic spellcaster which has produced a more relaxed sound.

As both the cords are at the lower end of both manufacturer's range, I have naturally assumed, though I could be wrong, that their pricier cables would improve the sound.
You could also look into the PAD cables, espcially the Dominus, warm, and fuller in bass than the AirSine. I suspect the AirSine with the Oyaide gold connectors is the fullest sounding AirSine, I'm quite sure it is more in your face than the AirSine with gold Wattgates as well. Every Oyaide connector or AC receptacle I've tried has a relatively forward soundstaging.

I don't know what AC receptacles you're using, but the PorterPort rececptacles have a more recessed soundstage, really solve that in your face sound. I use a combo of Oyaide R1s and PorterPorts in my system, including replacing all the AC receptacles in my BPT 3.5 sig power conditioner with the PorterPorts. You may be surprised how much AC receptacles can change soundstaging and tonal balance. The PorterPorts are also only about $35, a steal!
Not quite sure what you mean by AC receptacles - I'm in the UK and my power source is through an Audio Magic Eclipse conditioner, connected to the wall and to four monoblocks with Black Sand Silver ref's. Funny you should mention Purist cables - I had been using the Venustas interconnects not that long ago, until I moved to Antipodes Golds. I've read a lot of good reviews about the PAD dominus, but man, that cable looks way too thick and heavy!
Ac receptacles are the wall outlets you plug your equipment into. The PAD Dominus are big fat and heavy for sure, but if you want full warm sound and impactful bass, this will do it.