Black Sabbath Master of Reality 1st or 2nd press?

I have both the original warner brothers and the palm trees and I am finding the 2nd press is way better.  Has anybody else had the same findings?
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The Castle versions of Black Sabbath are way better.
Played Black Sabbath "Black Sabbath" track Black Sabbath on the ATC 150 ASL last night after playing around with the Anti-Mode 2.0 a little. Still in heaven :-) 100db 3.5 meter. What a thunderstorm, what drums, what a voice..... Tidal streaming. Possible to do better?
Try this version of Master Of Reality.
Original 7.5ips Reel to Reel which I own.
Blows my original vinyl out of the water without trying in most aspects.
Now I admit I have NOT heard any of the Sabbath reissues.
try a European first press, swirl vertigo logo, UK or German (i prefer UK).
Of course price is way up higher compared to US pressings.
Castle reissues are good also but not the same artistically.