Black Sabbath fans...Vertigo LP's

Back in the day, I bought all the titles of the Black Sabbath LP's when I was living in the UK. They are all on the Vertigo label. Anyone know how they compare to the US versions?
Which one's are preferable, US version or UK Vertigo?
I have been comparing the early titles (1st, paranoid, master and VOL4) and IMHO the original UK press wins every time (Vertigo swirl label) - even compared to US (WB label) white label promos (which most often is the best sounding) and japan presses (which I in general feel are over rated)...but when it comes to the 1st I've found a vertigo spaceship press from Netherlands (probably early 80s or so - no bar code on cover) that sounds ABSOLUTELY awesome (has to be heard to be believed) and wipes the floor with even the UK presses (it may be one-off, who knows)!

I just wanted to give a WARM RECOMMENDATION all you hard rockers out there - check out BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION - which includes one of the few remaining TRUE rock stars GLENN HUGHES! Absolutely mind bending that it's recorded 2010 - awesome record!!! Unfortunately not on vinyl (yet)...
The German Vertigo press are excellent too- much better than the American press.