BLACK powder coating for amp chassis

I have an old pair of Carver Silver 7t mono amps that are all scratched up. The rest of my system is all BLACK chassis Carver components. I would like to know if anyone knows where I could get my Silver 7t amps BLACK powder coated to match the Carver Silver 9t amps in appearance.
I know of a guy in Ohio who could do the job. It could be costly, either you would have to blast or strip the coating off, then powder coat. This guy is good. Very good, however to get an exact match would be difficult because Carver may use liquid not powder. Then you would need to find out who their supplier is and get a sample. Or you can try to use a standard finish and come close to the orginal.
Check the yellow pages under industrial painting or powder coating. I used to work for a 'job shop' that did painting and powder coating ad we would do a lot of one time jobs like this. Be prepared, depending on the shop it may not be very cheap.