Black Orpheus tri wires

I have just aquired a pair of Alon Iv's in mint condition and was curious if it would be worth the trouble trying to locate a pair of Black Orpheus tri wires on the used market. Looking for an 8' pair. Does anybody know of any for sale and would there really be an improvement over standard monoprice wire?
Nice aquisition. I read an article a few years back (sorry dont recall which publication) that concluded the Black Orpheus cables are essential to getting the best performance out of speakers.
I have been using these wires on my alon 4"s for 20 years and they sound great. I have recently purchased new speakers that are bi wired and I am using 2 of the 3 pairs for the new speakers and they also sound great.I will be putting the black orpheus up for sale as soon as I find a pair of bi wire speaker cables for my new speakers.Will be interesting to hear what a dfifference new wires will make over the black orpheus.
Thanks for the responses and let me know if you are interested in selling yours when the time comes. until then the search continues
I have a set of the Black Orpheus that I used to replace Signal Cable on a pair of Alon's that I had. I bought the Blk Orpheus at Carl M (buider of Alon speakers) suggestion and they do not disappoint, they opened the sound up, like lifting a veil. I now have B&W 801 speakers and don't really need the Blk O's. I have,I believe a 10' set that I would be willing to sell or trade for a different speaker wire of similar value.
A friend of mine used to have a pair of Alons that he used an 8' pair of Black Orpheus with, but has recently changed speaker and just got some new cables. The Black O's made a huge difference when he hooked them to his Alons. Let me know if you have any interest in further discussion.

Hi Mike and Zenblaster,
I would be interested in purchasing either the 8 or 10 foot pair if they are the tri-wired version and the price was decent
I purchased (350-)the pair I have on Agon about 4 years ago and they arrived in less than perfect condition. I wouldn't mind selling but I would like to have them tested and re-tirminated. PM me and we can use Agon if you want to purchase.