Black Orpheus speaker cables/Straightwire Sextet

I recently bought what were advertised as Black Orpheus Speaker Cables by Acarian. I received a set of cables clearly marked "Straightwire Sextet Speaker Cables." The customer who put them up for sale on consignment insists they are one and the same. All of my research suggests they are two completely different and differently priced cables. Can anyone definitively settle this dispute for me one way or the other?
If it were me, I'd make a call to Acarian and ask them if the cables are the same.

If not, ask for your money back.

Even if the same, you still may wish to ask for your money back. The same product can have a significantly different value just based on the brand label attached. For example, if they are truly the same, why did the seller feel the need to advertise them under the incorrect label?
I owned Alon speakers and Black Orpheus Speaker Cables by Acarian. The cables consisted of a tri-wire set with two smaller diameter 13 awg stranded silver clad copper cables covered in thin black plastic, and a larger bass wire consisting of a coaxial silver clad copper inner core with silver clad copper braid, also covered with thin black plastic. Nowhere on the cables did they indicate "Straightwire Sextet Speaker Cables." However, the new version of the Black Orpheus is cased in Blue...
Link to picture of original version is provided below. The techflex was added by me to cover/protect a portion of the cable in an old/previous set-up.