Black Mamba CX or PS Audio AC12

This is for the non-HC version, I'm unsure of the construction of the Black Mamba and I'm torn between the AC12.

I've never used either, I have a few AC5's with no regrets. The price of each I can get them for is roughly $440, the AC12 being about $30 more.

 Is either of them a superior cable to each other? I would assume the AC12 would be a better choice but not sure.

I would like to echo the previous statement about fake AC12's.  I suppose it's somewhat flattering/impressive that they are so highly regarded that others are attempting to sell knock-offs, so good on you PS Audio ;), but beware to potential customers.
Please forgive me for "shilling", but I make power cables, and I would like to invite you to read some feedback I've received about them.
There is even a mention of (genuine) AC12's near the bottom of the page.
If you can get a real PS audio AC12, it will not let you down. A little stiffer than the rest of the line do to its thickness, but a good power cord for the money.
I confess I have no idea which of these is better, but I do wonder why just these two when there are so many good options out there?  Specifically there are direct sellers offering high-value cables with generous in-home trial periods. A couple off the top of my head that are in your price range would be Cullen Cable Crossover II or Triode Wire Labs 10-plus.  Might at least be worth reading some reviews.  Again I've no idea how these compare to the others you're looking at, but it's so easy and low risk to compare cables like this I just ask myself, why not?  Anyway, not trying to muddy the waters here -- just trying to help a little.  Best of luck!