Black ice DAC /Transport

Originally Iam contemplating buying a Marantz SACD player with 3k budget on my other thread, that time Iam very close of auditioning the Ruby.Tempted to even go to SA 10 marantz, What is stopping me is I love tube sound on my AH tube marantz CD player, Now I saw the black ice fusion DAC transport to pair it with Geerfab if it will work, the budget is a bit over 3 k , Iam willing to go that far.What do you guys think on this combo,  to be able to play SACD as well.Thanks and stay safe
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I had 2 of the Marantz, the SA8001 and SA8004 (I think). Neither one lasted more than 3 months in my home before I got rid of it. I just didn’t like them and it is nothing specific. I did not find the sound to be as good as what the reviewers were gushing over. I bought an Esoteric X-03 at a very steep discount as it was labeled “exhibition stock” which means it was a static display for Esoteric. I paid slightly less than half of retail with a full 3 year Esoteric warranty.

I had an older Jolida (Black Ice) CD player that went back 3 times for skipping. The new one they sent skipped even more. Sent it back for a partial refund. How will you be able to play SACD through the DAC? Does it have an I squared bus or a hdmi connection? If you don’t have a special connection, you won’t get SACD quality out of the DAC.
Technics SLG 700 CD/SACD/Network player, TRUE BALANCED @ $2999 in the new HiFPig
Tweak1 yes Technics is a good one and well built
Stereo5 the black ice has no HDMI.It wont work then.
The Ruby and the SA-10 are in the Reference line and bear little comparison to the 800X units.

That being said, if you want tube-on-board, go with something like Audiolab transport + Border Patrol DAC.  That will certainly give you a tube sound.  No idea if it has correct output for Geerfab, though.
Twolefttears, I also thought of going black ice Tube DAC then Geerfab, But I have to check if the black ice has HDMI.
I recently bought the Black Ice Glass DAC. It worked quite nicely for a week and then ceased to function. Too bad. 
@stereo5 has the right idea.

I bought a used (obviously) Esoteric DV-50S about 6 years ago for $900 (original price was $6,000). It was 11 years old when I bought it and it is now 17 years old and still going strong. Most of my CDs have been ripped to FLAC files, but not all recent purchases have.

I have a few SACDs as well (maybe a dozen). If I have a choice, I’ll opt for a hi-res digital version of an album over physical media but I won’t pass up a bargain on SACD or CD either.

The DAC of the Esoteric has stood up well against modern DACs. It is only recently that have I started to by-pass the internal DAC of the Esoteric (when playing CDs) in favour of my external DAC (a tweaked Gustard x20 Pro). Although, to be fair, the differences are still very close. I would probably hear more of a difference with a more expensive DAC.

I anticipate that I will continue to use the DV-50S as a CD transport for quite a while longer. Whenever it dies, I will replace it with another (older) high quality player. YMMV.
I bought esoteric SA10 player , sounds great  3 months later broke.
The SA10 is the entry level player from Esoteric. My 55 pound X-3 is the best player I have heard regardless of price.  I wouldn’t trade it for any other player, no matter how much more expensive. Using Acrolink interconnects, digital, and power cord brought the sound way up, more than I could have ever imagined. 
@jayctoy wrote
"I bought esoteric SA10 player , sounds great  3 months later broke. "

That's what you get for listening to Rap.... ;^)
No I listen to Christian music , classical, jazz , folk, pop, country, No Rap.
I listen to boombox  when I used to listen to Reggae but never rap many many yrs ago
Nordicnorm that’s a used one ten yrs older .
Well I decided to audition possibly keep the MaRantz SA10 player , I got the champagne color. I consider the Ruby but it’s out of stock, all over . Music direct has the SA 10.Will post the result here.
It looks like I will keep the maRantz sa10 it’s very impressive.