black hole generator

Hi everyone. After a show report reference to the SpatialComputer Black Hole used in conjunction with new Zu Definitions 4 at RMAF 2011, I decided to buy unit on trial basis. It's a one cubic foot subwoofer type black box with integral mic and built in dsp, and sits along the wall behind the listener. My room is 27'wide x 22'deep x 13'high, and I use Zu definitions 2 which pump out a LOT of bass. The unit is designed to remove standing waves and bass nodes, eliminating the need for passive traps etc.
Impressions are of a removal of bass hash, increase in soundstage both width and depth, lowering of noise floor, and increase in detail retrieval normally obscured by deep bass. My room has a node at 27.1Hz, but smaller rooms will have greater issues and would benefit more from the unit.
Highly recommended
Wow I thought this post is about science fiction Spatial Computers.
The future is near.
Not sci fi, but a really impressive system-wide upgrade. happy to help with any enquiries within reason (not much of a tech head)