Black gate "N" & "NX" series how long to breakin

Just got back my Accuphase P300....have about 100 hours on it....still long to get up to speed. I have read some that say 300 hours for these blackgate caps...any experience in a amplifier application.
Very very long ... I never bothered to watch the clock but mine took a few weeks running 24x7 before they started settling.

Mine was used in the MC stage of a phono, so yours may settle a bit quicker.

Thanks are right over 100 hours and still morphing...looks like 300+
I have about 250 hours on my Accuphase P300 and it finaly came up. I think the improvements will be less going foward. But the difference between this amp and my black gate mundorf version isn't in the same galaxy.
I meant the stock vs my modded amplifier...
BG "N"s are astonishingly good. To my ear they are better than many premium film caps.

Not sure how they make lytics sound quite that good but I sure wish somebody would continue with the BG range of caps. Especially the N and V range.

Paul I have 500 hours on my amp now....the difference is mind blowing. Every aspect of performance is multiple magnitudes better....incredidle tonal realism,air,3d holographic imagining ect,ect.

I can't explain the lack of demand for these caps....but if they were widely used...there would be no Hi-end industry. Justification for 5 figure equipment would not exist.

My BG preamp will be done this week....I cannot fathom how that will sound.... amazing. Upgraded both amp and pre for 1200 bucks total...not a bad deal considering the performance gains.