Black Dragon Cables from Moon Audio

Has anyone any experience with the Black Dragon Power cables from Moon Audio?
They have had some good - though- limited reviews.
Are they smooth sounding?  Good Timbre?
They seem well priced and frankly made of the same materials as some more expensive cables.

Is there a specific set of phones you plan on using the Black Dragon cables with? I own them and use them with a set of Hifiman XV2s and love them but prefer the Silver Dragon with the Hifiman HE1000v2s and my Audeze LCD2fs so they are dependent on the set of cans you use them with. If you go to Moons web site their recommendations have been spot on for me with their cable matching. Enjoy the music
BTW, another good cable that seems to fall in the middle of the two Moon cables are the Cable Pro Reveries, check them out.