Black Diamond Racing/VPI Vibration Control

Anyone have any experience with the Black Diamond Racing/VPI Vibration Control Kit available from the MusicDirect catalog for use with the VPI Aries? (This consists of four mini-pucks for the feet and a round shelf for the motor.) Also, any experience with the one piece dust cover available from the same catalog (as opposed to the standard two-piece VPI dust cover)? Any thoughts, pro or con, would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your response.
The BDR stuff works great w/VPI - I have not experimented with that exact kit but in general I've had really good luck with BDR under the TNT and Aries tables.
I was interested in BDR stuff too till I heard and eventually purchased Symposium shelves and rollerblocks. I plan to purchase a Symposium shelf for my VPI tt as soon as possible.
BDR round things (Pucks) under the cones of the Aries made one heck of a difference.Even better if you use the BDR cones with the pucks. Also the record clamp is well worth the purchase. Heads over heals better than the VPI clamp.
I purchased the Scout Cover while it was sold here on Audiogon. At that time only one model was available. Now two styles are offered by this same individual, but sold through MusicDirect. The craftmanship of these dust covers are very good! I prefer the newer (and unfortunately more expensive) model that is now offered. This newer model sits ON the turntable versus the first one that sits OVER the turntable. I'm sure its a matter of personal taste though.
Make sure to experiment with the placement and "directionality" of BDR cones, if you use them. I tried a few different cones/points under my amp which was already sitting on a Osiris Giza stand on its own points and pucks filled with about 40 lbs of silica sand. A couple of the tweaks I tried made things sound worse. I tried the BDR III's and they made some decent sonic improvement, but nothing drastic. Then, one day, for kicks, I turned the cones over so that the small end pointed up. The improved tightness in bass and clarity in the upper top end left me agog. A very nice surprise.....
Have the entire Aries/Flywheel BDR kit (2 large pucks for motor and flywheel; 4 small ones for feet). It makes everything dead quiet at a fraction of the cost of the shelf or source.
I have extended Aries and JMW 12.5 and tried three clamps. BDR is better than VPI one piece Velrin(sp?) clamp but VPI half-steel, half-Velrin is the best.