Black Diamond Racing Shelf for EMM CDSA?

I'm thinking of getting one of these for my EMM CDSA.
Would the 15x12 one be the right size? (Or would I need the wider one to have the feet fully fit on it?) The player is 17 inches wide.
I only see Musicdirect as the place to get it. (Any other places?)

Had anyone tried it for any usage? Any comments on it are welcome.

I hate using cones or balls or pointy things under my eqpt. because they seem unstable and make me nervous. The BDRS looks like it's just flat. Is this right?

Thanks in advance for your help.
The larger 18x14 would probably be more appropriate for your use. The current shelves are the LM series. The come curved (pillow shape) or rectangular. 1/8" thickness. The discontinued older style "shelf" is 3/4" inch, and the discontinued "source" is 1 1/4" thickness(!) Both available rectangular only. Some use these in conjunction with cones, pucks, etc. I have purchased various examples when they came up on the used market.
I'd wait for "The Shelf" 3/4" thick 17"X15" or "The Source" 1 1/4". I use "The Shelf" under my CDP, TT, pre-phono and power supply. All my equipment is currently sitting directly on the shelves and all the shelves sit on Sims Navcom pucks. I had to wait to snag them one at a time but I think it's was worth the wait as I like the sound using the BDR shelves.

This is from BDR.

"Made entirely of BDR’s proprietary Carbon Fiber Composite materials and finished with clear acrylic on both side.........., the BDR Shelf is massive and extremely non-resonant, absorbing enormous amounts of vibration: a BDR Shelf is only ¾” thick, yet it is 25x less resonant than an 8” thick granite slab and has 4 times the vibration absorbing power of 2” thick MDF!"
Rgs .. Right on . I've become unhappy with unstable things like springs , cones , balls , spikes ect . I have slowly started to go to solid turntable type platforms for all components with no lose in sound quality , in fact the bass has become firmer . Black Diamond is the product I found to be the best bang for the buck and one of the best sounding .
As far as your question , I would want a shelf at least as big as your component , the more mass the better too .
One of the above posters mentioned that the thicker shelfs are no longer available , I ordered one threw my local dealer about six months ago , that would suck I still need two more to complete the change over .
'a BDR Shelf is only ¾” thick, yet it is 25x less resonant than an 8” thick granite slab'? Better check your materials expert as the statement is not true. Yes, I am a materials scientist and know all the resonant properties of an 8" slab of granite, if you can find one.
ya' got to learn to do the "Samhar Snag". (that's how I got mine)
Just checked with BD , the thick shelfs are discontinued .
I thought I read that the shelfs were 25x less resonant than 8" of M.D.F.
If our materials scientist is still with us , is it true that sandstone is less resonant than granite ?
As long as we have a scientist here - If you are travelling in a car at the speed of light and turned your lights on, would they do anything? I always wanted to know the answer to that.
Rgs and Tmsorock

I live in So. Cal. and am concerned/paranoid with what an earthquake might do to the components on cones etc. in my audio racks.
Firstly, unless the car was aerodynamically designed, I believe it would break apart at such a high rate of speed. Be aware that is 700 million MPH! Now, is the said car equipped with the new Halos, or just standard? It makes a difference. You may be better served by asking Maurice Cotterell for your answer. Look him up
not to mention the gasoline cost @ current prices!
Hey thanks everyone for all the advice and good comments.
I was told that there are no more Black Diamond shelves and just the pillows now. But from the above it looks like there is a shelf in BD's future.

Does anyone know about the BD pillows?

Yeah, Tmsorosk & Samhar, I see these big-bucks components perched on these precarious pointy things and wonder what are they thinking? Any tremor or slight nudge and it would be disaster. Even some of these monitor speakers seem to be placed on thin ice.
Rgs, the "pillows" as they name them, are small and are in the same form of the larger shelf. LM series "curve" or "rectangle" models are available in differing sizes currently. LM is a name given to distinguish from the previous thicker style, no longer in production.
It depends on which drugs you took to go that fast. Why turn on your lights, anyway? You'd already BE light.

The shelves seem to come in waves, one finished not long ago. You can't hesitate when the size you want comes up or it will be gone.
the one that just recently sold was a 5"x4", tho, it was the original shelf variant. I have a 6"x6" under a quantum symphony pro. I don't know if it helps
OK, thanks, I keep on the lookout. Someone I know recommends Stillpoints for the EMM player, but, like I said, I want something more substantial.

Some of these alternate feet are designed to be used with just 3 of them under a component! I got some of these once and it seemed crazy, regardless of the sonic value. Maybe I'll try the Black Diamond LM Pillows, as they are not too expensive, but I have yet to see reports from anyone who used them around here (or anywhere).
jumbo pucks (round) 1 3/4" thick (source) and 2 3/4" wide. they come threaded so you CAN adjoin a cone, being a #3 or #4 version. mini black holes (round) (shelf) 3/4" thick and 1 3/4 wide. cool stuff. then there are the pits with the center dimple so as to seat a cones point. cool stuff
04-28-11: Chayro
If you are traveling in a car at the speed of light and turned your lights on, would they do anything? I always wanted to know the answer to that.
Yes. Bizarre as it may seem, no matter what the velocity of a light source is with respect to an observer, the velocity of the light as perceived or measured by the observer will always be the same (approximately 186,000 miles/second in a vacuum).

See this writeup on the Michelson-Morley experiment. Constancy of the speed of light is also fundamental to Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity.

Of course, the maker of the vehicle would have problems meeting Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards, because it would require infinite energy to accelerate the vehicle to light speed. :-)

-- Al
OK, thanks Isochronism; I'll look at the JumboPucks.
A Shelf just came on 18"X 17" $399!!!
Got the shelf! Thanks Samhar!
Great!!! Glad to have helped.
I have A "Source" incorporated into my Oracle CD2000. I got the idea from seeing a '2000 with a granite plinth and thought the the BDR would be much better. The "Source" has holes drilled for the control section and holes for the suspension towers.

Three Mini Pucks are screwed into the the shelf which use GPA Nitrile balls between them and GPA Apex footers. A standard Shelf sits below the Apex and GPA rack.
How is "The Shelf" working?
Nice, mainly in the bass which is more controlled. Thanks again Samhar for your help! Any questions, feel free to PM me.
It sure is heavy for its size.