Black Diamond Racing Products I'm confused

The absolute worst marketing names I've ever seen.Anybody know a site that has pictures of These and those things etc.??No dealers on the Gon have pics or BDR site.What a mess.How do they sell anything with these confusing names.This is apparently a side business that no one cares about.Pictures next to the product DUH!!JD
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Yeah but they sell themselves.As a tweak (and cable) skeptic I know these things are among the best cones around and come in "tunable" forms for desired sound.When somebody sells a "Shelf" it's bought within hours and my freind with a VPI 19 and not the highest end one or with a really fancy arm said the clamp was ahuge improvement over the very good stock Steel/Derlin one.
It's not a marketing name. Black Diamond Racing makes carbon fiber equipment for sailboats. If you think audio is expensive and tweaky, try competitive sailing!

A nice feature of Audiogon is the listing of manufacturers available on the home page. From it I found Hope that helps!