Black Diamond Racing Cones Type 3 vs 4

Have any of you experimented with the sonic difference between type 3 vs type 4? Is it discernable at all?
Thats a good question Art! I actually have both here and just assumed that I would like the 3 due to wanting a warmer sound with solid state. I am actually running all Mega DH cones for all the source components so checking was not a priority.

I will be intersted to here this one. They both look the same to me!
Yes, you will notice the sonic character is different between mk3 and mk4. Just get both types and find out the fact for yourself and see what you like.

You can get them used at $40 or less for a set of three, and resell the set that you don't like at the same price afterward.

Mind you that you can use both the mk3 and mk4 at the same time. Have fun.
depends on how good your gear is,bottem line.they are so disernable with other cones thats the deciding factor,(imho)
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I find two 4's and one 3 gives you just enough warmth in the mid range while opening up the soundstage. When I've listened to all 3's it darkens the sound too much while all 4's lack harmonic ballance.