Black CD's

What are you guys using to mark your blank black CD's?Thanks,Bob
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Good question - good answer. Thanks.

Riddle me this, do black discs reflect or not reflect the laser beam?? I thought black was non-reflective.
Sorry for so long,was snowed out.I will try that,the stuff I was using is messy,called DecoColor,its like a liquid and a pain,thanks,Bob.To not answer Fat's question,I'm thinking its wave-lengths that matter???????Happy St Pats all,started at 630AM today because of a pretty cool dream,was playing poker with Martin Scorcese and another guy,adieu.
Which Black CDR's do you find sound best and where do you buy them?
Got some at either Walmart or Target,sorry I dont remember,too long ago.I would not rate them better than any others I've used,Bob
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"Black" means that light in the visual wavelength range is absorbed (None reflected). However, at the wavelength of the CDP laser the disc must be reflective.

By the way, the laser light striking the CD is always reflected. However, the "pits" in the CD surface are 1/4 wavelength deep so that the light reflected from the bottom of the pit is out of phase with the light reflected from the CD surface, and cancels so that it looks like no light is reflected.
I did compare other black cdrs with the ProDisc that I got from RealityCheck and preferred the ProDiscs. Recently, however, on the strong recommendation of others I have decided to buy Mitsui/MAM-A 80m Gold Thermal cdrs, but I have yet to do so. I am thinking of going to a hard-drive digital system which would mean I would not need copies. I presently copy all my cds and extensively treat them.
Still alive,just not checking all my traps.Eldartford,it is always refreshing to stumble on your posts.keep on keepin on......
Eldartford, and what about cdrs were there are no pits, just dark and light areas?

And why does the Nespa unit which is supposed to get greater conformity between the reflective metal layer above the pits and the plastic pitted level also work on cdrs with no pits?
Tbg...Don't know. Why don't you find out and report back :-)
Eldartford, I tried to find out about the Nespa from the developer, but he pretends to not understand me.