Black Cat Speaker Cables

I would like some feedback on Black Cat speaker cables. What model Black Cat are you using, are you using a full loom of Black Cat cables in your system. Is your system tube or solid state. Thanks for your help.
Tangential, but I am very pleased with the Black Cat digital cables, Veloce and Silverstar, with both tube and solid state...great value cables

I just purchased a longer 1.23 meter Veloce to replace my .5 meter Silverstar, as I needed a longer cable.  The Veloce should arrive by mid-late next week, so I should be able to compare the two.  The Silverstar is great, so I'm expecting the same from the Veloce.
@ pdreher,

The Veloce was the SPDIF that got reviewers talking about this wonderful cable back in 2010, the Silverstar is said to be more refined with its trickle down advances from their top models.

Looking forward on hearing your assessment. 

I have both, in 1.23 length, and prefer the Silverstar, very similar, just better all around
I agree with jl35... both cables are similar with the edge going to the Silverstar.   The Silverstar has less grain and is more refined.  I'm keeping the Veloce, because I needed the longer cable, so my 1/2 meter Silverstar is available, unless someone wants to trade a 1.23 meter Silverstar for my 1/2 meter length + cash.
Changed my mind.  I'm keeping the Silverstar.  If anyone needs a 1.23 meter Veloce, shoot me a pm.