Black Cat Silverstar BNC to BNC

@ wig

Are you still mesmerized by this digital cable or have you found something better?

@ garrard,

So mesmerized that I will be ordering a Black Cat Digit-75 with BNC to BNC within the next few days and selling my 3 other very good sounding BNC SPDIFs.

It's hard to describe how string instrument come alive with such beauty and grace... Still can't explain how BC silver coated copper has more extension than my other 5N pure silver conductor cables which sounds very good indeed.

Not sure how Chris does it but his Silver Star MK II was amazing and the Digit-75 I hear is much better.

Wig :)


What are the other BNC-terminated S/PDIF digital cables you have? What are their lengths?

@ celander

SW1X Reference SPDIF (UK) 1.25M

Revelation Audio Labs Reference SPDIF 1.25M

Snake River Boomslang Reference SPDIF 1.37M


No problem and these will find a new home after receiving my Black Cat Digit-75 next week.

Please let us know how the Silverstar compares to the Digit.
@wig I believe your Boomslang is an excellent digital IC, you say the Siverstar Mk2 is much better?
I am burning in a BC Silverstar MKII. So far compared to my Empirical Audio Reference, it is more open, extended and Dynamic. Empirical is more veiled in the midrange. The BC still needs to settle down more. I believe 200-300 hours of play is needed, I only have about 75 hours.
Good to know, it does seem to be excellent (not just for $300).

@ garrard,

Yes, the Boomslang is very good indeed but in my system the Black Cat Silverstarr MK II is more open with better separation and refined layering. I primarily listen to acoustical instruments and this is where the BC SPDIF is in a league of its own; instruments are full bodied with a life-like resonant quality to them with notes being projected or swelling up toward the listener creating the atmosphere, decay and the reverb of the acoustical space.

@ aniwolfe

I also owned the Empirical Reference BNC and it was a decent SPDIF but no better than the Oyaide DR510 I was currently using. Your MK II will continue to get better as it settles into your system and at the asking price, it’s an outstanding cable.


I have just placed my order for the Silverstar 75 Mk2, apparently they are made to order.
Wondering if I need to consider their AES/EBU now..............
@lordcloud  I believe the Silverstar is BNC or RCA only, I may be wrong.
However, they are built to order, so maybe a special request???
Order BC SS MKII 1.23M BNC with RCA Adapters 
I'm not sure what your last post means?
I have already ordered BNC to BNC as that is what I require.
I do not like adapters anyway.

I thought you wanted a recommendation on length and best termination. My bad I see you were helping lordcloud.

The RCA adapters in this case is not a bad thing. The only way to configure truly 75ohm cable is with BNC termination. So having BNC cable with RCA adapters, is better than having a digital cable terminated with just RCA.
No problem, but I am intrigued as to why the specific length of 1.23m?
Its Chris’s standard length. That also would be a great question to ask Chris.
Speaking to my importer, 1.23m would be a special order as the standard lengths offered are 0.5m / 1.0m / 1.5m. The thinking was also that a length of less than about 0.75m could act as an AERIAL and longer was better, but the Silverstar Mk2 (red & black) changes over the Mk1 (white) includes a screen to reduce / prevent RF interference and therefore addresses the problem so that even the 0.5m works well.

This is not my opinion, but what I am told.

Had the opportunity to listen to the BC Digit 75 cold and right out of the box and it’s amazing! Cut from the same cloth as the Silverstarr MK II but with a lower floor noise, better transparency and more impactful bass.

Have it on the cooker and will integrate into my system on Wednesday but allow it to settle for 4-5 days and should be more of a revelation!

The midrange is so pure and addictive, now I know why I was mesmerized and just had to buy the BC; hit me up if you are looking for some very good SPDIF that I will not need...


Apparently the Siverstar is more textured and forgiving
My BC Digit 75 has been burned in and have settled nicely into my system, it is not as transparent as the Boomslang but is so musical and has the ability to place life-like images within your listening space with a more refined midrange and better placements of images within the soundstage...

How does the Digit compare to the Silverstar, and the Silverstar to the Boomslang (which is "tree snake" in translation from the Afrikaans).
@ garrard,

Digit 75 is more transparent with better bass and lower floor noise over the Silverstarr but the Boomslang is way more transparent over both SS and Digit 75.

BC strengths are the illusion of real instruments occupying a space with your listening environment and the Boomslang is like listening to a high resolution CD, you hear all the detail and ambiance but don't feel like you are a part of it but it's still a fantastic SPDIF.



With Blackcat Tron, you may be able to get musicality and transparency at the same time.

The following is a google translation of review by Korean.


The crossover comparison of the Digit75 and TRØN could not consistently lose focus because of interest due to the difference in sound quality rather than fatigue due to multiple cable changes. First, TRØN immediately suggests the distinguishing features of high-end and mid-range cables. It is clear that the TRØN is superior in the background with the silky background and balance of the sound.

Woongsan - I Love you
I love you

For example, in ’I love you’ in Woongsan, the harmonies of piano touches are very musical with very fine particles and moderate dignity. It’s obviously a strong and profound sound, but it’s a bit heavier and has a lower tonal balance, so you feel a sense of stability and elegance. It gives very clear and distinctive focusing so that the vocal image position as well as the size of the sound image can be measured.

The vocals are heavily loaded with energy and feel the power to wiggle deeply. There is a feeling that the sense of reality is more uplifted because momentum and dynamics expression before / after are wider, and propulsion is carried.

Arild Andersen - Bryllupsmarsj
Kristin Lavransdatter

Arylide Andersen’s [Kristin Lavransdatter] album ’Bryllupsmarsj’ is more than a few digits behind the Digit75 link. Thanks to the overall tonal balance, the heavy and calm atmosphere always makes music more reverent. The deep, nascent bass of the pipe organ seems to be painted for the first time on a desolate background. It is as natural as the ink painting, and the shade contrast is expressed widely. The saxophone is filled with liquid energy and stretches like a meandering river. Depth, punching power, and density are rising, but at the highest octave and hi-lat, it is like a live fish just caught.

Klaus Tennstedt - Mahler Sym.NO.8
London Philharmonic Orchestra

The spread of the stage in the 1st movement of Mahler ’s 8th’ Tianjin Symphony ’in Tenshutte is as big as the Digit75 and there is no clogging. However, the biggest difference in the vicinity of the chorus is the deep layering of the layer from the bottom to the front and a wider perspective. The pitch is even lower, the depth and depth are rising, and a sense of authority is felt.

The stage falls backward, and there is no turbulent surface around the climax, and a dense, controlled sound is heard. The sound of the timpani head is also heavier, lower and deeper, running towards me, but full of vitality without being aggressive at all.

It is true that after the test, TRØN and Digit75 are very different in price. TRØN has more than triple the price of Digit75. Of course TRØN recognizes that the performances are better suited to the rewards of class and acoustic instruments such as classical and jazz. High-end audio is ’Cost No Object’ but does not pursue ’Cost Performance’. Therefore, it would be reasonable to choose TRØN as the former and Digit75 as the latter.


Robert Kappa, the myth of photojournalism, said. "If your picture is not satisfactory, it is not enough for you to reach the subject." In a hi-fi system, cables are things that have to be seen deep enough. However, depending on how much you understand the existence and how you observe and apply it in detail, the results will vary from one thousand to the next. The cable only serves to connect the components responsible for the main function, but ultimately determines the satisfaction of the system. The Blackcat digital cable explains why a single cable is often a crucial casting boat in an audio system. It is the most impressive cable among the digital coaxial cables I have tested in recent years.
Thank you for your for your reflections.

I'm getting excited, my Silverstar arrives this week. Musicality is most important to me, hopefully I'll be mesmerized as well!
After I am back to US, I will compare between Silverstar and Silnote digital cables.

If Silverstar is much better, then I may also try out Digi75.

Cable is dependent on system and personal taste.

So you will never know until you try.

@ garrard

I think you are really going to like it and I didn't want to send my loaner cable back to The Cable Company...

@ shkong78

The Tron was tempting but couldn't justify spending that much for a SPDIF.