black cat digital cable

a friend called me and asked me if i had heard of the black cat digital cable,which is terminated by bnc connectors.

the company who manufactures the cable is stellavox.

has anyone used this cable ?, and if so, what has been your experience?
I have used a digicable by the Black Cat designer's prior company. It is outstanding and an incredible value. I would expect the Black Cat Veloce to be the same.

It's an excellent digital cable by one of the most well-known and respected designers, and a great value. At least one of the Stereophile reviewers uses one,I think it might be Kalman Rubinson (but not positive), and I believe I've seen it on an Absolute Sound reviewer's system. I have one and it is very very close to the 3x more expensive Stereolab XV Ultra (by the same designer) which I have also and think is one of the best - exceeding, IMO, the Kimber D60 and Orchid - both long time Sphile favorites (used by John Atkinson).
Im using the silver star and its fantastic
The company is Stereolab, formerly Stereovox, and Black Cat is the name of a line of cables. Black Cat Silver Star 75 is a great value digital cable. Great clarity and detail but not harsh or bright. Pretty darn neutral, maybe a hair on cool side. If you want warm and cozy look elsewhere. I bought it two days after buying and having been thoroughly impressed by the Veloce, its predecessor. However, I don't think it's "very very close" to the Stereolab Reference XV Ultra, which I also have. You get what you pay for. The XV Ultra is noticeably more refined.