BLACK CAT cables THE by Chris Somovigo

I was reading a review on this cables, and I was very impressed by the reviewer of anyone here at Agon is using them? Please share your experience....,thanks
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I have a Black Cat Silverstar coax cable between my Luxman DAC and a SB Touch.  It's really a great cable, well made cable.  I was pleasantly surprised by the improvement in sound quality vs. the well regarded Wireworld Platinum Starlight I used previously.  This is one of those cable brands that flies under the radar, but the build quality is first rate and the sound quality is exceptionally good.  One of the best cable purchases I have made... I highly recommend it.   

Pdreher I do have the digital silver star very very good, I also have the lectraline ic n illuminati digital, all good n well made as well...Iam sure the tube is also good.
I have the Coeur (now maybe sold as Coppertone?) speaker cables which are the entry level down from the Tube. Big thumbs up. I'm learning when it comes to cables I'm more of a copper guy.