bjork medula

Bjork does it right on her new album not only does she push musical boundaries but also she pushes musical formats. If only all new releases were released this way. There would be no format war just freedom of choice.

UK+INTL 30 August 2004| USA 31 August 2004

TPLP358CD Standard CD audio only in standard jewel case
TPLP358CDL Limited SACD hybrid format in digi-pack with poster
TPLP358 Double vinyl heavy weight gatefold format
TPLP358DVD DVDA + 'Making of' 45min documentary in super jewel case
TPLP358DVDA Stand alone DVDA format in DVDA box (US case)
TPLP358SACD Stand alone SACD format in SACD case
cat no TBA DVD 'Making of' 45min documentary only in DVD case
Picked this up yesterday,very much leans to vocals,vocals and more vocals-not the usual array of sonic tricks and atmospheres-need to hear it a lot more.

The critics have already christened it her most unusual album and well she was hardly conventional to start with.........
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