Biwiring Vandersteens w/ Audience AU24e, a match?

A pair of Vandersteen Treos are on the way to my listening room. I already have a pair of Audience AU24e speaker cables which have worked well with my amplifier. I could simply buy another pair for biwire but,I have no idea if AU24e would mate well with Vandersteens and my Audio Research DS225 solid state amp. Anyone Vandersteen owners with experience with AU24e and solid state amps?
Audioquest is a match with your Vandersteens and Audio Research.
No experience with Audience SP cables, but Kimber Kable 12TC double run was recommended to me by a Vandersteen/Audio Research dealer here in NJ. I also spoke to the Cable Co. about my Vandersteen/pass labs combo and he also recommended the Kimber12TC. Our amps are both SS and maybe Kimber's are
to be considered. Currently I am using Acoustic Zen Satori SP cables.