biwiring using 4PR?

Due to length of run (25ft) and budgetary contraints I am using Kimber 4PR. I have Totem Model 1's (biwire version) but am not running in biwire config. Would it make sense to take the 4 strands and split it to 3 and 1 with the 3 to the woofer and 1 to the tweater OR just run separate inexpensive cable to the tweaters. Has anyone tried this with 4PR? Would the 1 strand to the tweater be enough? Thanks.
I personally would not run the the cable this way. (3 wires to woofer/1 tweeter). I really think you should consider buying some Kimber 8VS. The VS is much better cable than the PR series. I really don't think running another set of inexpensive cables to your tweeter will do the trick nor will look all that good. Are you using the straping bars on the binding posts that came w/ the spks? If so, remove and use a short length of your PR to go to the tweeter's binding post. This will make things sound better. Bill
Thanks Bill

I agree. Eventually I would like to get 8VS or 8TC. In the meantime I would like a little more high freq extension. I am using the jumper bars that came with the Model 1's. Right now I am running the 4PR's into the tweeter posts and jumping to the woofer posts. Are you suggesting putting the cables into the woofer posts and jumping to the tweeters with the 4PR? What about jumping with a short peice of pure silver or copper silver wire if I can find some. Thanks
This is the way I would do it using your 4PR. Assuming you have enough wire, cut aprx. 6" from each end of your existing cable which are attached to your spks. binding post. Make an 8 wire splice and attach this to your woofer's binding post. (I like to use a little silver-bearing solder just at the ends of the wire. I try not to solder too much as i like to have only cooper make contact w/the binding post.) The short 4 wire 6" cable goes to your tweeter. Or you could use some other cable going to your tweeter. I hope this helps. Bill
Regarding bi-wiring... All the good of bi-wiring is lost unless you wire with seperate cables..+ amd - to the tweeter/mids, and + and - to the woofers. If cost is an issue, or if you want the best - same inexpensive cables...they are called Anti-Cables. They are highly recommended by the magazines, they have a money back guarantee, and are very nice to deal with. I am using them bi-wired to me Vandersteen 5A's.