biwiring question for tara/josephs/sonographe

I've always been a fan of biwiring in theory - though usually only used cheap cables. Most expensive thing I've used so far was bargain Kimber - single run (non biwired) or pseudo biwired - split the kimber leads - 4 and 4. didn't seem to do anything.

Now I'm thinking its time for some decent cables. Someone has offered me good deal on tara prime 1000s - non biwired run.

So I could do it several ways -

1) single run the tara with jumpers - non biwired
2) biwire tara on top and old kimbers on bottom (or reversed) - this is tough because the thickness of both cables is starting to get outta hand.
2) tara on top or something cheapo on bottom like or zip wire or home depot or magnet wire.

system is joseph audio 22s, sonographe sa250 and TAD-150 pre.

Currently running biwire zip cord until I figure out a solution - looking for more air on top and more depth of soundfield, longer decays. Or if you have thoughts on the taras vs something else low budget - read good things about alpha core also.