Biwiring non-biwired speakers


An audiofoolish friend of mine told me that puttin' a biwired speakercable on a non-biwired speaker would be better than the single-wired version of this cable. Is this the (always) case ?

I'm moving on to Nirvana SX speakercable and was wondering wether I'd take the biwired version to connect my Symphonic Line Kraftwerk with my Kharma's ...


Renaat Mattheus
Not foolish at all this friend,but tell him to try double
regular pair instead of biwired cable(much better)and to me
one set of binding post always sound better than two.
Just mod a pair Dunlavy IV and and one of the most dramatic move have been to use only one pair of binding post(other pair still there not connected)
Only benefit would be from increased AWG, if in fact the cables were shotgun biwire
Just found out what 'AWG' means :-) What would /could be the sonical benefit?