biwiring for vandersteen 2cis

Can anyone explain the advantage / difference between biwiring from a 120 watt 2 channel amp to a 4 channel 60 watt each 4 channel amp (adcoms) forproposed purchase.?

Since most of the energy in musical peaks lies in the bass region for typical material, you will have more usable power from the 120W 2-channel amplifier. Although keep in mind that the difference between 120W and 60W is only 3db, significant but not huge.

Also, everything else being equal, I would think that there is more opportunity for inter-channel (left-to-right or right-to-left) crosstalk or interaction across the power supply and/or grounds within the 4-channel amplifier. That may or may not be significant depending on the quality of the amp.

But as with any component selection, of course, generalities can often be over-shadowed by the quality and sonic character of the specific designs, which can best be assessed by listening.

-- Al
Switching from kimber 4tc's to 8tc's made a little difference on my 2ci's. Personally, I'd rather spend the money on 1 good amp than 2 ok amps. The only reason I see to bi-amp is if you love your main amp but it doesn't have enough power.
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thanks all